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Global Trade Expo 2023

The Business Kerala Trade Expo is organized by the Pravasi Co-operative Society with the objective of transforming the NRIs returning to Kerala into entrepreneurs and establishing them in their homeland. This initiative is a humble effort on the part of the Pravasi Co-operative Society to achieve the State Government's target of one lakh industries in one year Although the expatriate community is willing to start business ventures that provide good employment. We hope that the Trade Expo, which will feature industry seminars, in-depth entrepreneurial discussions, extensive business study rooms, face-to-face meetings with business entrepreneurs, opportunities to get acquainted with and participate in business ventures, and a variety of career opportunities, will address this.Providing training to new entrepreneurs and helping them start businesses throughout Kerala is one of the primary objectives of Pravasi Co-operative Society.
All are welcome to join hands for the construction of a new Kerala by embracing the development ideas put forward by the Pravasi Co-operative Society through the Expo. opportunities, this is often hampered by a lack of awareness about enterprises.


The Global Trade Expo 2023 aims to bring together and unite all kinds of businesses; presenting them newer ways of pursuit of success with equal exposure to the Kerala, Indian, and global business communities. Businesses can experience, discuss, get inspired from, and Inspire the overall business ecosystem by collaborating with leading entrepreneurs and also promote their brand among the perfect target audiences.



The business world is always evolving and the Global Trade Expo 2023 foresees this as an opportunity to help budding and established entrepreneurs benefit from these advancements and guide them to a runway of enormous possibilities. Being one step ahead always pays off, and here comes a whole business community stepping up ahead of time, for a highly sustainable and prosperous future.

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